This project is an absurd attempt to embody the experience of enjoying and listening to music. It's absurd because, as Christian Marclay put it, music as an experience is immaterial and invisible. Trying to represent something so ephemeral is challenging at best, and a fool's errand at worst. Art in the traditional sense, as Marclay notes, has a muteness to it. Sound is its opposite because it is intangible. This project will unashamedly try to depict musical experiences using an assortment of art practices.

Each project will be digital and all work will be juxtaposed and merged inside a single container, Tumblr. If you've never experienced Tumblr, just picture a turgid and constant stream of cultural artifacts, from the lowest of low to the highest of high, spliced together, screaming, flashing, and offending. It's a cacophony of cultural delight. The project goal is to create 1001 different projects. There will be no standard start or end times for any project. You may track project progress through weekly posts to the Tumblr site or the project site. Projects currently underway are listed below.